26 March 2010

Review: Must Love Hellhounds by Meljean Brook


Book Description:

From New York Times bestselling authors Charlaine Harris and Nalini Singh and national bestselling authors Ilona Andrews and Meljean Brook, tales of man's worst friend...

In these hound-eat-hound worlds, anything goes... and everything bites.
Follow paranormal bodyguards Clovache and Batanya into Lucifer's realm, where they encounter his fearsome four-legged pets, in Charlaine Harris's The Britlingens Go to Hell. Seek out a traitor in the midst of a guild of non- lethal vampire trackers, one that intends to eradicate the entire species of bloodsuckers, in Nalini Singh's Angels' Judgment. Find out why the giant three-headed dog that guards the gates of Hades has left the underworld for the real world-and whose scent he's following-in Ilona Andrews's Magic Mourns. Embark on a perilous search for the kidnapped niece of a powerful vampire alongside her blind- and damn sexy-companion and a hellhound in Meljean Brook's Blind Spot.
These four novellas by today's hottest paranormal authors will have hellhound lovers everywhere howling.

*Note* I’ll be reviewing each story in this anthology in separate posts.

"Blind Spot" by Meljean Brook

The job was simple: find her boss’s niece, bring her home safely, and hand out a whole lot of pain to whoever had abducted her. But Maggie hadn’t counted on her boss’s nephew, the hellhound who loved to make her life difficult, or her own past rearing its complicated and ugly head.-Book Description from MeljeanBrook.com

"Blind Spot” by Meljean Brook takes place in the world of her Guardian Series.  It is not necessary to have read all the previous books in this series to enjoy “Blind Spot” as each story focuses primarily on a different couple. However, if you want to read the series chronologically, the order would be:

  1. HOT SPELL (anthology) – The Guardians, Prequel Novella
  2. DEMON ANGEL – The Guardians, Book 1
  3. WILD THING (anthology) – The Guardians, Book 1.5
  4. DEMON MOON – The Guardians, Book 2
  5. DEMON NIGHT – The Guardians, Book 3
  6. FIRST BLOOD (anthology) – The Guardians, Book 3.5
  7. DEMON BOUND – The Guardians, Book 4
  8. DEMON FORGED – The Guardians, Book 5
  9. MUST LOVE HELLHOUNDS (anthology) – The Guardians, Book 5.5

Note to my readers: Although MUST LOVE HELLHOUNDS will be published a month before DEMON FORGED, the story in the anthology takes place after the events of DEMON FORGED, and “Blind Spot” contains minor spoilers for Irena and Alejandro’s story. I have done my best to keep those spoilers to a minimum, however… –Meljean Brook

Ex CIA operative Maggie Wren (who appeared briefly in Demon Forged) has been working as a ‘butler’ for the vampire Colin Ames-Beaumont (from Demon Moon) when she is sent to rescue his kidnapped niece, Katherine, along with the aid of his nephew, Blake.  While not a vampire like his uncle, Blake, though blind,  has his own talents that include being able to see through anyone else's eyes.  Given the title of this anthology, I’ll give you one guess what kind of breed his seeing eye dog is.

Despite having roughly the same amount of pages as the other authors in this anthology, Meljean delivers the best romance of the bunch in “Blind Spot.” It drives me nuts in a story when character’s stop for ‘sex breaks’ during life or death situations (for example rescuing your sister from her demon kidnapper).  Fortunately, while there is a satisfying amount of romantic tension here, both characters have enough self control to put Katherine’s life ahead of their own attraction.

I really only had one problem with this story.  I would imagine that growing up together, Katherine and Blake would have learned the most effective ways of communicating with each other, given their unique abilities.  And I have to think that sign language would have occurred to someone by now.  I mean how hard would it be to look at your own hands and even just spell out a message alphabetically? 

This was my first time reading Meljean Brooks and I’m now going to have to add myself to her throngs of fans. Her writing, pacing, characters, and world are simply delicious.  The next Guardian book, Demon Blood is due out July 6, 2010.

Sexual Content: References to sex.

My Rating (out of 5):


Click HERE to read an excerpt of Blind Spot

Product Details

  • Paperback: 368 pages
  • Publisher: Berkley Trade; X edition (September 1, 2009)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0425229599
  • ISBN-13: 978-0425229590
  • Cover art: Don Sipley

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    1. Great review! I'll have to check her books out! I have an award for you here: http://my-book-obsession.blogspot.com/2010/03/happy-101-awards.html

    2. I just adore this cover.
      The dogs look awesome!

    3. Hi Abigail - My one experience with Meljean Brook's writing is a novella too. I read Hot Spell a while back, and I've got Demon Angel in my TBR pile to try. It's not easy to write a decent novella, but Brooks did a good job. When Demon Forged came out half of the blogosphere was raving about it, so I'd better get cracking on this series.

    4. This one was my favorite of the book.

    5. Aleksandra - Thanks for the award. I'll go check it out.

      BookFreak - Yep, the cover is classic UF. Love it.

      Rebecca - I really liked her writing style, and great pacing. I'll be looking to read more from her.

      Tiah - I though they were all good, except for Charlaine Harris' story.



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