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18 March 2011


Did you know that March is Urban Fantasy month on Pocket After Dark?  Did you know I’m blogging over there today about my top Musts & Musts Not of Urban Fantasy?  If you haven’t visited yet, here’s the scoop:

Pocket After Dark is an online community of urban fantasy and romance readers, where top authors share exciting new content and interact with fans. Check here regularly for free books, live chats, exclusive blogs, photos, video and more! So belly up to the bar at Pocket After Dark.

Please stop by today and let me know some of your Musts and Musts Nots of the genre.  I’ll be answering questions live from 4-5pm EST so come say hi!  To give you a taste of what I’ll be talking about, here’s one of my Must Nots.


Must Not #3: Alpha Male Testosterone Poisoning

When a male character behaves in a way that is overly domineering, controlling, and aggressive.


Why it’s a Must Not:
I love Alpha males. I’ve written posts about Alpha males. Most of my favorite urban fantasy heroes Alphas. What I don’t love are the Alpha males who under any other circumstances would be considered criminals because of the way they act. Admittedly, these guys show up more in Paranormal Romances, but still. I’ll give you a few examples:


  • An Alpha male will fling you behind him at the last minute and take a silver bullet to the chest that was meant for you.

    A Testosterone Poisoned Alpha Male won’t worry about the bullet because he’s already knocked you out, tied you up, and locked you in his trunk for safe keeping hours ago—for your own good of course.

  • An Alpha Male will threaten to beat the snot out of another guy who comes on to you.

    A Testosterone Poisoned Alpha Male will find a time machine, travel back before the guy was born, find his father, castrate him with a Pez dispenser, and bring back the balls as a gift for you.

  • An Alpha Male will watch you like he’s hunting you, pounce on you the moment he gets you alone, and carry out some form of mating ritual that signals to other males that you are off the market.

    A Testosterone Poisoned Alpha Male will drag you before a crowd, mount you in public, tattoo you with a picture of himself pointing to your crotch with the word ‘mine’ in a little speech bubble, and then upload the video to YouTube

Click HERE to read the full article.


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